Technology Initiatives

Re-engineering for a Sustainable Future

To better support our community’s transition to Microsoft 365 as the single destination for file storage and collaboration tools, UNCG Information Technology Services (ITS) invited students, faculty, and staff to participate in a survey to understand how existing collaborative tools are used. Here’s a quick “By the Numbers” overview of what you had to say.

Who Participated

1,199 responses were collected from 508 staff and administration (including 36 members of ITS), 388 students, and 303 faculty.

How UNCG shares documents

Understanding how files are currently shared at UNCG is helping to inform configuration, migration, and training decisions.

Most participants reported that they emailed files as attachments. Many send links to Google Drive or Box, email links to files, and use the sharing option. Some participants share files in Google Chat or email descriptions of where the files are located in shared drives.
Participants selected all the ways they share.

Read the Microsoft 365 Survey Results

University Communications has released the Microsoft 365 Survey Results as a PDF report. A Townhall event has been scheduled on January 31 to review the findings with CIO Donna Heath.